A Wedding to Remember

A Wedding to Remember

Hitching the wedding wagon is not an easy decision. Planning a wedding is a tedious and elaborate process. A lot of people consume years of planning and visualizing for their dream wedding event. Indeed, a carefully planned wedding can be dubbed as “A Wedding to Remember”. However, in some instances future brides and grooms procrastinate on the planning and feel intensely pressured only when the wedding date comes nearer. Reading this you might as well ask me when is the right time to start planning a wedding. And what includes in the preparation? What makes a memorable wedding? And what needs to be avoided? And so on. If you belong to the “would-be” groom and bride it may help you to consider answering the following questions:

What kind of wedding memory do I want instill in me and my “would-be” partner in life, my family and my partner’s family, and to the invited guests?

A decision to marry is definitely difficult, the reason why it is also called “tying the knots” is because marriage is a lifetime commitment. Whether you decide to make it simple or grand, it is an undeniably an unforgettable event in your life. But human memory is short, what lasts are the evidences of the events such as the wedding rings, wedding dresses, wedding photos, wedding video, and the wedding gifts you may even gift the groom some cool pair of mens skates. These memorabilia should not fall short in your wedding plan list. A unique wedding picture is something that makes you smile after several years.

How much is my available budget?

Surely you want a memorable wedding but it is not anymore practical to break you savings and spend your hard-earned money for a one day occasion. A wedding bundle such as wedding photo packages, food packages, the entourage package should be considered. Photo prices should comprise a big part of your budget because the wedding picture speaks about the event even after several years had passed.

What are the preparations needed?

If you have enough budget to pay for a wedding planner, you will be able to save time doing all of these preparations. Depending on the grandness of your wedding occasion and of course your budget your preparation will have to be done at least three months before your wedding. The amount of time you spend in preparing your special wedding event will lessen the chances of forgetting important details. As with the other activities you do, a wedding preparation starts with a list of all the important parts of your wedding event. A wedding plan should at least contain the following:

The list of the people who will be part of your special event. Make a separate list of the people who will comprise your entourage from a list of the regular guests.

The list of the wedding suppliers from the gown, the cake, the wedding jewelries, the wedding photographer , the food, the reception venue, the church, the flowers etc. should be at hand.

A scheduler to jot down all appointments list and your deadlines.

A financial list to safely stick to your wedding budget.

A short list of notes of special and exciting experiences you had while doing all these preparations.

In whatever encounters you may have while creating a version of your own “wedding to remember” always think that above all it is the love between you and your partner that matters in this event.

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