Reasons Why Indian Weddings Are Not Complete Without Wedding Accessories!!!

Reasons Why Indian Weddings Are Not Complete Without Wedding Accessories!!!

The rich culture and heritage of India are globally famous. Apart from their rich culture, the most famous things about India are their fascinating wedding accessories that are mostly of gold and silver metal and even diamond. 

Wedding accessories have to do a lot with Indian weddings. We are here discussing the reasons and significance of wedding accessories in Indian weddings and why marriages are incomplete without it. If you are looking to hold a grander wedding, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

Reasons why Indian wedding accessory is important!

 Traditions are really important to Indian people at weddings. Adorning the bride with gold is a famous tradition in India also there are several other reasons why Indian weddings are incomplete without wedding accessories.

  • Used for adornment: the primary reason behind the use of wedding accessories is to adorn yourself. You must have seen the bride and other women wearing gold jewelry at weddings; the main purpose behind it is adorning yourself to the best with sparkly jewels that can grab everyone’s attention. There are wedding accessories such as earrings, necklace, mang tikka, nose ring,
  • Sign of great wealth: Indian people choose to show their wealth through these ceremonies like marriages other visiting somewhere special. Gold is a financial asset with great value so wearing to great events like Indian weddings is the ultimate way of showing your wealth to others. In India, even women from the lower-middle-class family would have some gold as financial security and worn at weddings. Not having gold in your home is also considered bad.
  • Affection & respect: bride’s parents want to give their daughter everything best, so gold is one of those gifts that parents present her daughter with. Additionally, it is an everlasting thing for women to be given as a token of love and forever that can be kept as the memory from the dear ones. Wedding accessories are a significant thing in Indian marriages; this is why people start savings for jewelry for the wedding of daughters at a tender age. 
  • Holistic reasons: last but not least reason behind the practice of wearing Indian accessory with such hype is the traditional rituals and cultures. Different Indian accessories such as nose ring and mang tikka are worn in Indian weddings, believing it is the most auspicious spot connected with the health of female reproductive organs. There are several other beliefs due to which Indian jewelry has the utmost importance in weddings. To keep your health in check, you can always get essential vitamins and minerals at

These are top reasons why Indian weddings are incomplete without jewelry, and they must have jewelry as a significant part of Indian weddings.  You can look great with gold and silver jewels.


In conclusion, we can say that Indian weddings arent completed without Indian wedding accessories due to traditions and different beliefs.  Also, wedding accessories are considered as a token of love for brides from their parents that they can keep along with themselves forever. Affection and adornment are two primary reasons behind the crazy reasons why weddings are incomplete without accessories. 

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