Wedding Planning Schools in Illinois

Wedding Planning Schools in Illinois

Illinois is a state that has progressed and economically evolved with the time. It is the leading producer of soya beans and generates the fifth largest income among all states through its agricultural sector. Illinois has population of almost 13 million. ( The region even has oil and coal reserves that they have invested for the betterment of the state. Illinois realizes that it could not have progressed to this extent without the efforts of the people of the state.

It needs an organized society which is progressing with time. Illinois has respected and honored the old tradition of marriage. Wedding is a cherished and joyous occasion in the lives of people of Illinois. There are professionals in this state that assist, manage and direct the arrangement of wedding ceremonies for couples. They take the responsibility of performing many detailed tasks that couples or their families might not have the time or contacts to do so. These individuals are wedding planners who identify and hire professionals required for planning weddings. Other professionals that serve during the process are caterers and musicians.

Wedding planners earn average pay of $35,000 on an annual basis in Illinois, as of 2012 ( There were 700 professional event planners who arranged matrimonial ceremonies in the state in 2011. This service industry is on the rise as it has been forecasted that the number of event or wedding planners will increase by 44% in the coming eight years. The need for such services has given a rise to wedding planning schools in Illinois. One could earn a certification course along with training in wedding planning or might apply for a graduate degree program in which they learn about budgeting systems and problem solving methodologies. One must gain this education from a well reputed school or college and then obtain a licensure. The areas to work could be wedding planning firms or one’s own wedding organizing company (

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