Wedding Planning Schools in Montana

Wedding Planning Schools in Montana

Though the employment level for wedding planners is less in Montana but this is one of the emerging fields and a lot of people are now advancing in it. The reason is the greater population and less people to serve the needs of that population. These planners are professionals in handling big events. They specialize in arranging, organizing, coordinating and planning weddings for people. Their services include helping clients in deciding the venue and time and day for the wedding.

Most weddings now take place in morning and afternoon. These practitioners then have to make sure that the place they decide has a good lighting as well as it is big enough for the event. Not only this, it takes a lot for them to handle issues from deciding cuisines to adjusting stage and from choosing a theme for wedding to looking for best dresses of bride and groom. These practitioners have to work in such a way that everything they do for a particular wedding is chosen by both families. Obviously it would look pretty odd if bride and groom have different dresses on and the lighting and background is of different color.

Wedding planning schools in Montana could guide and train you to handle all these issues perfectly. The reason is that these schools offer degrees of different level including bachelor’s degree of 4 years and master’s degree of 2 years. Both of these degrees have courses which focus on training students to provide best services to their clients. Although you could start off with a bachelor’s degree from one of the wedding planning colleges but it might be more fruitful if you complete a master’s program as many students get employed in different settings like advertising and marketing firms after attaining this degree. Many operate individually as well once the gain a license.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported around 220 jobs for event planners in 2011. ( The annual median pay for wedding planners is $69,000, as of 2012 (

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